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Relax and enjoy the ride.

I sit behind the steering wheel, like God Himself, assuming I know the way, know good turns from bad.  Is it any wonder that life is so hard for me?  Boy this driving job seemed like a fairly easy one, but now I’m feeling pressure: like someone completely out of his element.  Sometimes fearful, sometimes frustrated, and sometimes discouraged.  ShepherdJesus is sitting in the back seat telling me it certainly doesn’t have to be this way.  I can crawl over the seat and sit in the back anytime I want.  ShepherdJesus is more than ready to switch with me and take the wheel.

But can I relax and enjoy the ride from the back seat?  Do I trust Him to make the right turns?  Am I sure He knows the right route to get me the happiness/LIFE I’m wanting?  Whoa, why is He turning down this street?  This doesn’t seem right to me at all.  What is He doing?  Is He worthy of my trust, or is He in fact the nincompoop, ne’r-do-well that I am beginning to suspect?  Uh-oh, another turn up a street that seems equally bad.  I think I’d better jump back into the front seat and take control of this car.  I’m just sure I know a better way.  This is out of the way, we’re taking some roads that could be very dangerous/hazardous…especially to my comfort, reputation, self-esteem.

“Okay, ShepherdJesus, that’s it; get out from behind the wheel; I’m taking over.  I may not have the self-confidence I’d like in all areas of my life, but I doggone sure know good turns from bad turns, good roads from bad ones, and this is not a good route You’ve taken me on.  Stop the car: either I want the wheel, or I want out.”

–ShepherdDave, needing prayer to embrace being childlike, dependent, riding-in-the-back-seat DumbSheepDave, so the pre-believers around him will be wowed by the difference his Shepherd makes in his life, and want Him too (please pray now)

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