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My flesh wants easy, predictable, confidence,

so I work really hard trying to make that happen.  But Jesus keeps thwarting my plans, at times, because I need retraining in a better way to live, going forward.  And to that I say, “Whatever it takes, Lord.  I want  Jesus-dependency/humility more than anything else in this world.  Thank You for this suffering, and thank You for Scripture’s clear teaching on the role of suffering.  Thank You that I’m not alone, though the world, flesh, enemy want me to feel alone, feel like a loser, when I feel lousy.  Thank You that feeling lousy distorts reality, making everything harder.  Thank You for my suspicion that my flesh and the world dunno nuttin.  Thank You that being a loser is not a problem for the humble.”

And then I turn to my flesh that wants easy, predictable, confidence, so I can be a winner, and say, “Get used to disappointment, Dave’sFlesh.”

–DumbSheepDave, who is bigtime sleep-deprived, feeling rotten physiologically as he writes, but is momentarily trusting that his ShepherdJesus is in charge, knows exactly what He’s doing, with a genius plan that includes Dave feeling momentarily lousy

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