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My flesh HATES mystery,

but loves understanding, so my flesh HATES dependency/trusting, but loves independence/confidence/agenda/willfulness so I can control my world.  My flesh is obsessed with understanding, so I read books, research online, listen to experts, always looking to understand more clearly, so I can captain my soul better, master my fate better.  Pride.  Understanding-idolatry was the first idol of our parents Adam and Eve, and is the root idol of every control-freak perfectionist, every created-dependent who is a shepherd-wannabe, every believer known for excellence.  Mystery, or cluelessness about what would be best for me and others, is anathema to a shepherd-believer, a high achiever.

Only dumb-sheep-believers are comfortable with mystery, dependency, cluelessness, the lowly place.  Only dumb-sheep-believers experience abundant LIFE.  Ahhh.  Delicious contentment.  Indescribable peace, and joy unspeakable.  Fearless about the opinions of others.

–DumbSheepDave, benefiting right now from the Shepherd’s Spirit freshly convicting him of the sin of independence/pride, wondering if the pre-believers around him are noticing a difference at times in 2014

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