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Mini-dreads are the most dangerous,

because with big-dreads I’m more likely to ask Jesus for help.  Somehow I get snookered into believing I’m supposed to handle mini-dreads on my own, and I live in denial of how much I dislike mini-dreads and live in denial of how they rob me of joy and peace, laboring alone, feeling as though it’s up to me, what I’m supposed to do.  Normal everyday living.

But Jesus came to show me a better way to live.  Abundant LIFE.  Right now, not just in Heaven.  Confessing my sin of independence – of not asking Him about everything, and not thanking Him about everything, not being curious and expectant to see what He does next, in me, in others, in my circumstances, that contain min-dreads and sometimes big-dreads.   Ahhh.

Amazing peace, dread-free living, as a Jesus-dependent, as DumbSheepDave, who doesn’t care about his performance/worthiness/somebodiness because his ShepherdJesus takes care of that.  And all problems/challenges/dreads.  DumbSheepDave has the imputed worthiness of his Shepherd and is completely satisfied, needing none of his own.  And.  DumbSheepDave experiences not only the unconditional love of his Shepherd, but also, the unconditional love of himself.  Ahhh.

Only the humble-believer is able to experience the unconditional love of Jesus and the unconditional love of himself/herself.  The proud-believer/independent-believer/shepherd-believer only knows conditional love: only loves himself when he performs well, only loves others when they are humble, respectful, loving towards the shepherd-believer and others, and only loves Jesus and His plan when Jesus gives the shepherd-believer what he wants, because the shepherd-believer knows what’s best for himself and others.  Dumb-sheep-believers dunno, so they just have fun.

–DumbSheepDave, having more fun, when the Shepherd’s Spirit freshly convicts him of the sin of independence, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference in 2014

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