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Litmus-paper tests for Jesus-dependency.

1. Thankful for uncertainty -- NOT KNOWing what to do next.

2. Thankful for the harrrd circumstances necessary for retraining in Jesus-dependency.

3. Thankful for Jesus' genius plan for my life right now.

4. Thankful that Jesus loves me enough to give me the very best -- these present circumstances.

5. Thankful for being a great example of a bad example of a Christian.

6. Ability to enjoy myself just as I am, and laugh at myself in my present circumstances.

7. Ability to enjoy others -- especially politicians and bureaucrats, just as they are, instead of critiquing them, competing with them.

Who gets credit for Jesus-dependency in a Christian? Only Jesus.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, as human-wisdom-dependent as they come

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