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Jesus' world or Dave's world?

How can I tell which one I'm experiencing?

In Dave's world, my life is UP TO ME, and I have an agenda, and am easily irritated, and compete with EVERYone, and I judge everyone and everything. My joy and peace depend on my circumstances.

But in Jesus' world, I see Him behind everyone and everything, so I'm enabled to enjoy everyone just as we are -- especially myself, and everything just as it is. I compete with no one. Judge no one. Feel superior to no one. Have no agenda of my own. I'm curious and expectant to see what my SovereignShepherdJesus does NEXT in me, others, circumstances. Ahhh, contentment.

Where do I spend most of my time? In Dave's world. Whadda I do when I realize this? CONFESS. Ahhh. Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, and so foolish to trust in Dave. I HATE living in Dave's world.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, who loves to be reminded that grace is for SINNERS, that the Christian life is not about Dave's performance, but Jesus' performance

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