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Jesus will not be contagious in me,

until He has brought healing to the wound on my soul that gives inordinate power to the idols I unconsciously use to prove myself worthy, distracting me from Jesus-dependency.  Jesus will make the kind of difference in my life that will attract others when I don’t care about the things I’ve cared way too much about.  Howz that gonna happen?  I either need supernatural healing from Jesus’ Spirit, or I need Jesus’ Spirit to use good therapy/counseling, to bring healing to the wound on my soul that weirds my life, my relationships.  With pre-believers.  And believers.  Contagion is dependent on the effects of The Curse being reversed in my life.   That’s my theory about why there was so much contagion from believer to pre-believer after the Resurrection: believers had nothing to prove, were content with Jesus’ performance/righteousness, and they oozed with His amazing-humility and amazing-love to the point that their neighbors and family were wowed.  “They enjoyed the favor of all the people.”  Wow.  Salt and light.  Holy Spirit, please bring an awakening in our day among us tasteless, boring believers.

–WeakDave, benefiting from the prayers of others, but needing more prayer (please pray now)

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