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In the upside-down Kingdom of Jesus,

shepherds are losers and sheep are winners.   Why?  Because He created us humans to be dependents, not independents.   Pride is only a problem of shepherds.   And self-righteousness.   And feeling superior to others.   And irritation, impatience.   And control-freakness.  And fear.   And discouragement.  Why?   In the right-side-up kingdom of this world, we shepherds think we know what’s best for us and those we love.

Lowly, humble, clueless sheep don’t know what’s best, are not wise in their own eyes, do not lean on their own understanding, so they look to their Shepherd for direction: they ask about everything.   And because they don’t know what’s best, they thank Him for everything, even the harrrd.   But.   Clueless sheep have fun in this world, while shepherds have misery, unless things momentarily go their way.   And when things go their way, they become even stronger shepherds.

–ShepherdDave, needing prayer to have more fun as DumbSheepDave, so the other shepherd-wannabes will want what he has, want his Shepherd, and the fun of being shepherded by Him (please pray now)

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