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In light of all the rain/gray in Pennsylvania

this past week, this song that I heard for the first time Wednesday, really resonated with me.

But the problem with songs about Heaven, is that they don’t talk about having a TASTE of Heaven right now, today, through fresh conviction of sin, especially the sin of independence/confidence-I-know-what’s-best.  LIFE is possible today, but we need the Spirit to work in us afresh, for us to experience that LIFE.  In Heaven, we’ll experience it 24/7, but we can have TASTES of Heaven today as the Spirit works afresh in our hearts.  We cannot manufacture that, cannot make it happen, but we can ASK for the Spirit, and we can claim the promise of Luke 11, that if we ASK for the Spirit, He will give us the Spirit.  No timetable guarantee, however.  And.  It doesn’t last long, in my experience, because of the world, flesh, devil, wooing me back to independence.

I’m beginning to be suspicious when I long for Heaven, because I suspect I’m really longing for LIFE.  I don’t have to wait until I die.

–ShepherdDave, who resists the lowly place of DumbSheepDave, unless he’s been freshly convicted of sin, and then he wonders why he ever resisted, cuz the LIFE experienced by DumbSheepDave is a.m.a.z.i.n.g, though short-lived

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