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In Heaven, I'll have a total eclipse

of the heart 24/7 by the love of Jesus, but for now, my heart is mostly eclipsed by my human-wisdom's desire for Dave-worthiness. Which is destructive. When I'm able to accept myself as Jesus accepts me -- just as I am, I'm unbothered by failure -- by the dominance of my human-wisdom throughout my day. Do I CONFESS? Sure, many times all day long. But confession doesn't lead to misery. Leads to peace and joy, because of the Gospel. Not about DAVE'S performance, but Jesus' performance.

Here's a secular love song about the total eclipse of the heart. I love the melody, and when I hear the song now I think about the precious times when my heart was totally eclipsed by the love of Jesus -- when His Spirit freshly convicted me of my human-wisdom-dependency, so I was freshly humbled by my failure at following Jesus, loving Jesus, SO THAT I was freshly overwhelmed that a Holy God would have anything to do with the likes of Dave. Taste of Heaven. A total eclipse of my heart. But it doesn't last long, because of the human-wisdom in me, and all around me.


-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, always needy for the fresh work of Jesus' Spirit

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