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Impossible to be humble and impatient.

Only the proud are impatient.  Only the proud have contempt for others, and suppressed self-contempt, and are self-deceived about their competitive need to feel superior.

A humble man enjoys himself just as he is, and others, just as they are.  A humble man feels no need to feel superior to others.  A humble man is not agendafied, is not willful, is not hurried, is not worried.  Only the humble experience a deep peace, a deep contentment.  Impossible to be humble and unhappy.  Only the proud/confident-they-know-what’s-best experience unhappiness.  Only the proud experience frustration, stress.  Only the proud feel shame.  Only the proud gossip.  Only the proud are divisive.  Only the proud are miserable, unhappy, discontent with their circumstances, discontent with Jesus and His imputed worthiness, and His genius plan for their lives, because only the proud are confident-they-know-what’s-best.  Only the proud resist listening to, engaging, the opposition.  Only the proud are unwilling to fail, unwilling to lose everything.  The proud are to be pitied above all humans.

—Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, who’s been spending a lot of time in the Book of Proverbs, being exposed to his pride, as Spirit of Jesus has been opening his eyes

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