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If I’m not fruitful with pre-believers,

it’s because I’m self-dependent way more than I’m Jesus-dependent.   Prove it, Dave.   Well, Jesus said, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”   Follow Jesus, rather than following self.   Jesus-dependency verses self-dependency, i.e. leaning on my own understanding, being wise in my own eyes — human power verses Jesus-power.

Okay, Dave, so I’m a failure at following Jesus, as evidenced by my unfruitfulness with pre-believers, not to mention how circumstance-dependent I am for my joy and peace.   So how do I improve at following Jesus?   Not by trying harder — reforming myself, but by confessing my unbelief, my self-dependency, my willfulness/agenda, my dissatisfaction with Him, my using Him to get my way: “Jesus, bless my agenda.”   Ahhh, tis so sweet to be freshly convicted of my sin of independence, freshly dead to my own performance/righteousness, and freshly in love with Jesus, and others, especially those most different from myself, like turned-off-to-the-Church pre-believers, and even the antagonistic.

–IndependentDave, needing prayer to be way more Jesus-dependent, so the pre-believers around him will be wowed and want his Savior  (please pray now)

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