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I need to hear about the sovereignty

of DaddyJesusSpirit every day, all day long, or I slip into believing the Christian life is up to ME, and then I’m easily overwhelmed.  The doctrine of the sovereignty of DaddyJesusSpirit is balm to my troubled soul, unless I’m feeling great, feeling confident.  But.  I frequently feel lousy physiologically, which always means I’m unconfident, easily overwhelmed, so I frequently need to be reminded of the sovereignty of DaddyJesusSpirit.  And His amazing love.  Ahhh.

Reading Scripture through the lens of a sovereign-and-loving Jesus, is very helpful to the sanity of WeakDave, who doesn’t mind so much being weak, when he’s reminded of his strong-but-tender SovereignShepherd.  Jesus-dependency is helpful for all believers, but is crucial for those of us who are highly vulnerable physiologically.  If my faith is not in SovereignJesus, my faith is in ME, to get me through this day.  If Jesus is not sovereign, then DAVE must be sovereign over his day, and the pressure I feel is enormous, though I’ve been so out of touch with my feelings most of my life, that I’ve been unaware of the pressure.

Help, Jesus, I feel weak.  Thank You that it’s not up to ME to get me through this day, but You.  Thank You for my weakness, that causes me to despair of my own ability.  Thank You for being in charge, and for being so amazingly loving.  Thank You that when I believe You are sovereign, it’s so easy for me to be curious and expectant to see what You do NEXT, in me, others, circumstances.  Thank You that Your sovereignty is not theoretical, but practical, comforting, peace-producing.

–WeakDave, thankful that grace is for sinners, that Jesus didn’t come for the healthy, together ones, but the sick, puny, needy

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