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I need to be wowed by Jesus,

not humans, not this-worldliness, not humans who believe, not humans who believe and excel.  Jesus.  Everyone else but Jesus, weirds me.  Not their fault.  My problem.  My woundedness from childhood.  TV, Facebook, film, periodicals, socializing, email, all weird me.  This-worldliness.

I do best when I’m freshly wowed by Jesus.  Love others best.  Love myself best.  Love Jesus best.  Love best His genius plan for our lives.  I need His Spirit to freshly open my eyes so I’m wowed by Jesus, not humans, and not this human.  What helps me, is rereading/rehearing the Gospels, asking His Spirit to compare and contrast Jesus with human somebodies.  And not even so much Jesus’ teaching, but Jesus.  His other-worldliness.  His weirdness by our values, by this-worldliness.  Ahhh.  Sanity.  Amazing peace.  Awe produces ahhh.

And His teaching will merely be brilliant wisdom, unless I’m freshly wowed by Him.  Even pre-believers acknowledge the brilliant wisdom of Jesus.  There is no power to Jesus’ teaching, for me, unless I’m freshly wowed by Him.  Just more duty.

–DumbSheepDave, who quickly morphs into ShepherdDave, and is therefore Spirit-needy most of the time, hoping pre-believers will be wowed by the Jesus in Dave, at times

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