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I'm not a patient man

when it comes to problem solving. And I'm good at solving problems. But when Jesus thwarts my plan, so my problem remains unsolved, and worse -- I don't know what to do NEXT, I'm not a happy camper. PRIDE EXPOSED. I don't LIKE having to trust Jesus for outcomes. I like to DELIVER outcomes. As an American Christian, it feels WRONG to not know what to do. Like a failure. Loser. I'm not a humble, childlike dependent waiting on Jesus to direct me -- thankful for the frustrating. I want a SOLUTION, and I want it NOW.

Our personal areas of expertise, are our downfall, when things don't go as planned. Pride EXPOSED. What in my life would compel a secular to want my Jesus, when my Jesus is such a teeny deal in my daily life? Unless the secular understands the BENEFIT of Jesus, which is not a Jesus-like life, put a completely-forgiven and completely-enjoyed-by-Jesus life.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, a great example of a bad example, but treasured by Jesus, just as he is

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