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I’m never wowed by Jesus,

when I’m JudgeDave, clear-sighted about the weaknesses/failings of others — especially the opponents of my favorite sports teams.  JudgeDave is always blind to his own sin, always leaning on his own understanding, always wise in his own eyes.   Only when the Spirit of Jesus freshly convicts me of my sin of judgeship/independence/orphanhood, am I freshly wowed by Jesus and His love for one of His sheep who is unsatisfied with his Shepherd and His performance, wanting some performance of his own, wanting to shepherd his own life, so he can feel good about himself.

And only when I’m freshly wowed by Jesus, are the pre-believers around me wowed by the Jesus in me, because of the supernatural-humility and supernatural-love they experience being in relationship with me.

–JudgeDave, needing prayer today and everyday, for fresh conviction of the sin of independence, so he no longer needs to prove himself to himself or others, because he’s freshly overwhelmed by Jesus’  amazing love for an ungrateful, runaway sheep (please pray now)

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