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I love feeling important.

Whyzat?  I must have a deep need in my soul to feel important.  Whyzat?  I must be suppressing a feeling of unimportance, of being a loser, a nobody.  Whyzat?  Must be childhood pain from not being loved unconditionally, growing up with a need to prove myself worthy of being loved, cherished, worthy in the eyes of others, and in my own eyes, an important person, somebody, winner, interviewed on the Today Show, in Christianity Today, on the cover of Time.  Bottomless pit of need to feel important.  The imputed worthiness of Jesus is unsatisfying to my wounded soul that needs healing.  A healed me is a humble me, a healthy me, fully content with Jesus and His worthiness, with a healthy indifference to being a somebody or a nobody.  Important or unimportant, makes no difference to a humble me.  Ain’t there by a long shot.

–DumbSheepDave, more content than ever with his needy soul, the needy souls of others, with his Shepherd’s imputed worthiness and his Shepherd’s plan for DumbSheepDave’s life that includes a lot of suffering, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference in 2013

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