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I honor Jesus with my lips,

but my heart is far from Him, when I’m leaning on my own understanding, wise in my own eyes, confident I know what’s best for me and others, pursuing my agenda, asking Him to bless my agenda, so I reach my goals, feel worthy.  When I function as an independent/shepherd/CEO, I have the name of Jesus, but not the benefit of Jesus.  Only Jesus-dependents experience the joy and peace that has nothing to do with circumstances, is contagious to others.

Jesus-dependency is impossible for me to generate from within, is not a fruit of discipline, is a work of the Spirit, a fruit of fresh conviction of the sin of independence.  I get zero credit for any dependency anyone might ever see in me.

–DumbSheepDave, baby steppin in more-dependent directions because folks have been praying, hoping the prebelievers around him are noticing the difference Jesus is making

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