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I have perfect-for-me

circumstances today, and will have perfect-for-me circumstances tomorrow, but my human-wisdom thinks otherwise. My human-wisdom thinks that perfect-for-me circumstances would be way-easier, and would certainly not involve any suffering, mistakes, failures, embarrassments. And my human-wisdom thinks it also knows what's best for people I love, for my country, for the world. My human-wisdom thinks it knows best how to govern other people, what kinds of laws would be best for other people, and my human-wisdom thinks it knows how to judge those laws and vote for those laws. So my human-wisdom LOVES government, LOVES forcing other people to obey government law based on MY values.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, who doesn't believe The Creator made humans to govern themselves, but rather to be dependent on Him, and that human-wisdom-dependency is the cause of all unhappiness, strife, conflict, war

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