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I go through my day

ASSESSing myself, my circumstances, and others, using my human-wisdom. This constant assessing of everyone and everything has been a knee-jerk response all my life. Where did I learn to function this way? From other humans. This is the way humans operate, outside the Church, and sadly, inside too. Ever since our parents Adam and Eve decided they were tired of being DEpendent, and wanted to be INdependent -- using their human-wisdom, so they could ASSESS how to navigate their day, rather than depending on the Creator.

Jesus came, in part, to provide a way for followers to once again experience the benefits of DEpendency. Ahhhh, priceless. He modeled DEpendency for all of us. He did NOTHing on His own. Alien concept to us in our day. INdependency -- human-wisdom-dependency, is not seen as sin by Christians. Problem is, human-wisdom is lord, not Jesus. Eyes and thoughts on circumstances, not Jesus. Biggest unconfessed sin in the Church today. Biggest reason we Christians have such an uncontagious faith, so different from the Christians in the early chapters of Acts. We function as Christian atheists, and operate with the same kind of puny human-power as other atheists. Self-absorbed, not others-absorbed, or Jesus-absorbed.

What can we DO? Pay attention, when alone, to our thoughts, feelings, reactions, so our human-wisdom-dependency might be EXPOSED to us by His Spirit, so we can CONFESS it, and be momentarily sane, peaceful, content, humble. And FRUITful with seculars.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, gifted in assessing, as dysfunctional as they come

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