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How exactly do I make this happen?

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”   I don’t want to be independent/self-confident/willful/agendafied/proud/self-reliant, but how do I not be that way?  How can I renew my mind, so I’m not that way?

By reading Scripture?  Maybe.  By praying?  Maybe.  By hearing the Gospel proclaimed over and over.  Maybe.  By laying down my life for others?  Maybe.  By being in community?  Maybe.

But maybe not.

Maybe there is no power in Scripture, in prayer, in the Gospel, in sacrificial service, in community, but Jesus may use these means, to powerfully renew my mind.  So the power is in Jesus, not these other good things.  But how does a believer get this power?

Through fresh conviction of sin, especially the sin of independence/worldliness.  Sadly, I cannot convict myself of sin, make myself repent/believe, but one thing I can do, is to ask for the Spirit, claiming the promise of Luke 11.  And He promises to give me His Spirit afresh, but He doesn’t promise the timetable.  So I keep asking for the Spirit afresh.  Every morning, especially when I feel such distance from Jesus upon wakening, and throughout my day, when I’m overwhelmed with facing challenges/problems.  Asking for the Spirit to convict me afresh, of the sin of independence/worldliness.   Ahhh.  The nicest, kindest, sweetest thing He ever does for us kids of His, is to freshly convict us of sin, so we are temporarily unconcerned about our own performance/worthiness, and are perfectly content with His, even liberated about losing everything, becoming nobodies, being pitied by the people we admire the most.  Ahhh.  The benefit of Jesus.  Priceless.

–DumbSheepDave, welcoming his Shepherd’s Spirit convicting work, more and more, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference in 2014

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