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How can I live a Gospel-centered life?

That’s impossible.  I need faith for that.  Faith is a gift from Above, not something I exercise, like a muscle.  The starting place for fresh faith, is fresh conviction of sin.  I cannot convict myself of my sin, cannot make myself repent, and I get zero credit for doing anything in a Gospel-centered way – a fruit-of-the-Spirit way.  I need Jesus’ Spirit to freshly convict me of me-centered living, so I can temporarily live a Jesus-centered life.  And because of the world, flesh, devil, I am easily snookered back into me-centered living.  Being Gospel-centered is not a theology of the the Christian life to which I can ascribe – apply to my life, so as to make a difference in the way I live.  Being Gospel-centered is not a fruit of hearing Gospel-centered preaching/teaching, unless the Spirit works.  Being Gospel-centered is not something I can make happen on my own.  I need to be rescued from Above from being me-centered.  And it doesn’t last long.  Nobody is Gospel-centered without the Spirit’s fresh work.  No believer gets credit for being Gospel-centered, evidencing the fruit of the Spirit – amazing humility, and a love that melts hearts, even of enemies.

One thing I CAN do, is to ask for the Spirit to convict me afresh of me-centeredness, maybe claiming the promise of Luke 11.  But the timetable for that prayer being answered, is not up to me.

–ShepherdDave, needing fresh faith/dependency/Gospel-centeredness – cluelessness about what’s best for him and others, so he’ll be operating as DumbSheepDave for a bit, so possessed by Jesus that the pre-believers around him are wowed by the difference Jesus makes

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