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High-caste Hindus now following Jesus,

and paying a high cost.  Sareeta and Sunitha followed Sai Baba, a person that is worshipped as a god.  One of their sisters had a powerful mystical experience with the Hindu gods.  Her family and community started to look at their sister as a god herself.

Sareeta moved to London and everything went wrong.  She found herself all alone in the hospital.  She was dying but the doctors could not determine why.  A worker in the hospital shared that Jesus could heal her and he prayed for her.  She survived.  The Lord now had her attention.  God brought a series of Jesus-followers into her life and soon she gave up Sai Baba and became a follower of Jesus.

When she visited her family in India she told them about this Jesus who saved her life.  Her sister Sunitha became a believer too.  Both of them received abuse for their belief.  All Indian Christians are low caste.   They were giving up their high-caste somebodiness to be considered low-caste nobodies.   They endured shaming and abuse heaped on them by family and others.

Sunitha moved to London too.  Mounika, the daughter of their sister who is respected as a god, also wanted to learn about Jesus.  When her parents discovered this they shouted at her and her dad beat her.  She wanted to learn more about Jesus so she moved to London to live with her two aunts.

Today, all of them attend church and several Bible studies, including two run by missionaries I know who have created Indian-friendly Jesus-communities in several parts of London, full of both new believers and seekers.  Sometimes these three former high-caste Hindus call, Pat, a missionary for whom I pray, and invite her over to teach them some more.  Pat says they are voracious studiers of God’s Word.

–WeakDave, trying to get us believers to see ourselves as the ones most needy of further change by Jesus, so we hang out with pre-believers in fruitful ways (please pray now)

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