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He’s weaning me off artificial life,

and wooing me onto LIFE in Jesus.  How?  By lovingly thwarting my attempts at independence.  It’s harrrd when my plans/agenda are thwarted, but it’s good harrrd, needful harrrd, because the biggest deal in town, is being retrained to live and work out of communion with Jesus.  DependentDave.  DumbSheepDave.  Ahhh.  Whatever it takes, Lord.  I want You to matter so much, that nothing else hardly does.

–IndependentDave, ShepherdDave, needing fresh conviction of the sin of independence, so he can experience afresh the ecstasy of His unconditional love and the benefit of His shepherding, so he’ll have LIFE that’s compelling to the pre-believers around him (please pray now)

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