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Great example of a GospelFriendship.

I mentor a number of CEO’s of nonprofit ministries. For the past several years I’ve been mentoring Pete and Wendy Hileman, as the three of us go through the suffering together of Wendy’s Parkinson’s, and as Pete has been leading one of my favoritest ministries, to the poor in Philly. Below is his latest update to his Pray-ers. Notice the support group he’s in for men married to women with Parkinson’s. He’s not the chief expert, but the chief confessor, sharing his failures at loving Wendy, as a Jesus-follower. And watch the short three-min video at the bottom, if you wannabe encouraged at what else Jesus is doing in Philly.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 9:30 AM

Dear Pray-ers,

We still need prayer, though my emails are less frequent. The decision to step down as ED was a wise one and I am enjoying my new role supporting Jaimee. I have been working on the Doylestown fundraiser which is next Tuesday and we are full already! It is always a blessing when new friends get excited about us and become CLCP evangelists to their friends! We have full tables from Covenant Bank, Covenant Church, Wehrung’s Family Home Center and two tables filled with the Doylestown band of brothers. Bucks County Commission Chairman is coming for the third year and is giving the invocation. Our events are always great but without prayer backing we have no reason to expect this one to be.

Unfortunately, for the first time, Wendy will be missing it. Her dementia has progressed to the point where I just don’t know if she will be with it or out of it. I’ve learned this intermittent waxing and waning is typical of PD dementia. I think it is the most difficult of all of its many nasty symptoms.

Our PD caregiver men support group meets today at 1 pm for the third time. Four of us. It is a good group and a good way for me to interact with non-believers and share my faith through my weakness as a struggling caregiver. One of the men is a retired Jewish psychiatrist who lives nearby and has invited Wendy and I to come dancing with he and his wife. We are able to complain to each other about things we can’t or shouldn’t say to our wives. Word of our group is getting out to other support groups at Penn and Moss. We men for whatever reason seem reluctant to admit we need help until we are really desperate.

I’m so glad for this good spring weather and hope you are enjoying it.

God Bless You,




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