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Financial Update on GospelFriendships.

We’re currently $7000 short of covering expenses, which is worse than usual for this time of the year, and I’m guessing we could end up having a deficit of between $7-12,000, but I’m always unsure because some folks surprise with extra, and a few make first-time gifts. Over the past dozen years I’ve lost some monthly supporters. I’m a coward when it comes to individually asking believers to consider supporting this work, as I did in the early years of the ministry, so instead, I’ve taken pay cuts to balance the budget in recent years. Janet and I are not destitute by any means, and we have never been as happy. But I will warmly welcome any who would like to join this cause as a monthly/annual supporter. GospelFriendships, 110 Johns Rd, Cheltenham PA 19012-1307. We also provide electronic funds transfer.

Dave McCarty

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Financial Update on GospelFriendships.

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