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Failure is a GOOD thing,

in the Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus. Failure is ABHORRENT in the right-side-up kingdom of human-wisdom. Why is failure a good thing for Christians? It has the POTENTIAL to be a channel of grace from Jesus' Spirit, to EXPOSE our human-wisdom-dependency, so we can SPOT it, so we can CONFESS it, and be freshly captivated by Jesus -- experiencing dependency on Him. The starting place for fresh faith/dependency, is fresh conviction of sin. None of us are grown more Jesus-dependent apart from the work of Jesus' Spirit, opening our eyes afresh to see what's what, and what's not. Ahhh.

And none of us are fruitful with seculars, apart from Jesus-dependency. Seculars are human-wisdom-dependents, just like we are, UNLESS we are freshly convicted of our human-wisdom-dependency, so we're freshly other-worldly humble and other-worldly loving. And it doesn't last long in my experience, because we Christians are constantly bombarded with the glories of human-wisdom.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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