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Every humble person is a pacifist,

but not every pacifist is a humble person.  No humble person ridicules, wants others to lose, gets in a fight, wages war, needs to feel superior, has a competitive spirit.  Every humble person enjoys others, just as they are, and himself, just as s/he is, not just externally, but also internally, where no one can see, except the highly discerning person.  And.

Every humble NATION, minds its own business, is gracious and respectful to other nations, does not try to impose its values on others, by force or even by self-righteous persuasion.  Our hearts go out to the humble.  Only proud people/nations have enemies.  Only proud people/nations force their values on others, in disrespect, attempting to control external behavior instead of reaching the conscience through humble love.  And.

Only proud parents use force on their children to control external behavior in a battle of the wills, instead of reaching their conscience through humble love.  Only proud parents produce prodigal children.

–Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, parent of prodigals, who in recent years has become a self-righteous pacifist, opposed to the military-industrial complex of SuperpowerUSA, because Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, remove logs from our own eyes, and did not advocate governmental solutions to societal problems, but rather spoke directly to the conscience, because the conscience is reached through humble love, while force only affects external behavior

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