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Becoming a dumb sheep is a repulsive concept

to a shepherd.  Why would any shepherd, want to be a dumb sheep?   Ultimate humiliation.   Moving from being the lofty, respected, wise and resourceful independent, all the way down to the most dependent of all: a dumb sheep, not having enough sense to come in out of the rain, needing to be shepherded, needing to be protected from self, like a toddler.   So why would any Christian or nonChristian, functioning as a shepherd, want to walk away from that high and lofty place, and go down, down, down, to the lowly, humiliating place, of functioning as a dumb sheep, dependent for everything?

Only one reason.   Life isn’t working anymore, trying to be my own shepherd, so I’m looking for something else, something better.  Only failures who know they are failures, are even remotely interested in the notion that life as a dependent offers priceless advantage over life as an independent.

–DumbSheepDave, giving up on the notion that his worldview is appealing to all the shepherd pre-believers and believers around him, for only the failures who know they are failures, seem at all interested (please pray now for more dependency in his life)

Financial update: A number of folks gave surprising gifts in December and we ended the year in the black by $3500, which is a needed help for 2012.   Thank You, Jesus!    🙂

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