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Arguing while humble.

What would that even look like?  Arguing with respect, admiration, enjoyment, of the opposition, rather than vilifying them?  Is humility the missing ingredient today in politics, as well as in the Church, business, education, sports, and the media?  And in Dave?

God opposes the proud/strong/confident, but his heart goes out to the humble/weak/meek.  True also, of us humans: our hearts go out to the humble/weak/meek.  I don’t know how to humbly argue politics with pre-believers or believers, or theology, or whatever, because I am always opinionated/confident/strong/self-righteous/proud.  Or I wouldn’t argue.  There is no Jesus-humility in me, nothing to endear them to the Jesus in me, because there is in me, so little of Him and His humility.  When I argue.

While I’m unlikely to win over anyone by argument, the overflowing Jesus in me is compelling, and maybe contagious.  But for there to be contagion, the Spirit has to be working: in me, in them.

Who cares about winning a convert to my politics or theology, compared to a believing friend freshly embracing Jesus as Lord, or a pre-believing friend embracing Him for the first time?  Paul says, “We endure anything rather than put an obstacle in the way of the Gospel.”  I Cor 9:12.

–DumbSheepDave, freshly convicted of all his arguing about politics, and the theology of following Jesus, because folks have been praying (please keep praying, and please pray now)

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