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Are we attempting the impossible today,

in missions, in churchplanting, in local-church ministry?  Or are we just like any other human organization, planning and managing by objective, operating by human power, doing what human power can do — the possible?

We don’t need Jesus for the possible.  Don’t need His power, don’t need to depend on Him.  Leaning on our own understanding, wise in our own eyes, we know what’s best for us and others, and we plan and execute accordingly.  Independence.  Worldliness.  Leaven of the Pharisees.  Independence is Satan’s brilliant temptation to keep the Church from being the Church.  Human powered.  Yawn.  No contagion from believers to nonbelievers.

How do independents become dependents?  How do shepherd-believers become dumb-sheep-believers?  Impossible.  Except by the work of the Holy Spirit, convicting shepherd-believers of the sin of independence.  And it’s a temporary thing.

–DumbSheepDave, experiencing dependency every now and then, by his Shepherd’s Spirit, hoping the pre-believers around him are beginning to notice a difference

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