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Am I showing respect

to atheists, agnostics, Jewish folks, and others who don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus, by wishing them, “Merry Christmas”?  Should I insist everybody celebrate the birth of Jesus?  Should I pressure companies to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”?  Or complain because they don’t?  Or try and legislate my values on others who don’t share them?  Seems it would come across to them as “I don’t CARE about you nonbelievers and your values: all I care about is me and my values.”  Seems like a formula for alienating people from Jesus.  Do I really care that nonbelievers feel disrespect, looked down upon, contempt, from the dominant majority in our country?   Do they feel love from me?  Humility?  Am I worse than the Pharisees, who didn’t try and legislate their values on secular folks, nor urge/pressure them to become Pharisees, or even Jewish?  Have I been blind to the huge part I’ve played in the vast cultural divide in our country, between believers and everyone else?  And do I even care about their antagonism?  Are they the wooed, or the booed?

–DumbSheepDave, wondering

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