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A dumb sheep never feels alone,

never feels the weight of the world on its shoulders.  But a dumb sheep trying to be a shepherd, feels very alone facing a to-do list.  Up to me.  Pressure to succeed.  Agenda.  Striver.  Suppressed fear of failure, humiliation, being pitied, maybe ridiculed.  A dumb sheep content to be a dumb sheep, never experiences fear, frustration, discouragement.  All problems are the Shepherd’s problems.  A dumb sheep just has fun.  Amazing peace and joy.

What can a dumb sheep do when it realizes it’s feeling alone with a to-do list?  CONFESS.  Confession returns the dumb sheep to its Shepherd.

–DumbSheepDave, freshly grateful for the convicting work of his Shepherd’s Spirit, returning him to fresh sanity, hoping the pre-believers around him have been noticing the difference Jesus has been making in 2013

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